Jenny’s Garden

Jenny, which blew its 82 candles in February, took back out of the ground and maintains a park located on the Riverside with a dozen volunteers.

The park has always been a point of appointment of the district, but it was a den of criminals there are still twenty years .

“The people used to throw cars and tires on the sloping side of the park, ” remembers Jenny . “Once , a man from Brooklyn brought a whole truckload of garbage, and he was getting ready to dump it when I stopped him.”

Worse than a dump, it was a drug place .

Today, through the efforts of Jenny and the many volunteers, this park is once again a friendly place for exchange and support for all residents.

Jenny’s Garden is a family friendly, hands on gardening experience that takes place rain or shine. Come out to help plant and weed in one of Upper Manhattan’s most beautiful green spaces. Not to worry, first time gardeners are welcome!